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Chick Cam - 2022 Season

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I enjoy watching the chicks run around and live their lives. I hope you do, too! The peeping is just too cute.

June 11, 2022

The chicks are about 5 and 12 days old.

June 19, 2022

The chicks are about 12 & 19 days old. Their bathtub brooder is looking a little dirty and cramped. The chicks are feathering in nicely. Less fluff balls and more feathers to keep them warm.

June 25, 2022

Tonight is the chicks' last night in their bathtub brooder because we're moving to the farm! The bathtub is getting too small for the chicks. We have a much bigger brooder coop waiting for them at the farm. It's advertised for full-grown chickens, but it's very flimsy and totally inadequate for an adult chicken's needs. The roosts are way too small for adults, but seem just about right for the chicks. I doubt the nesting boxes would support the weight of a full-grown chicken, but it should be fine for the next few weeks until the permanent coop is ready.

June 27th

The chicks are now settled into their new home on our back patio coop. They have new roommates, Moscovy ducklings.

July 3rd

The chicks and ducklings continue to grow rapidly. The duckslings still have minimal wing development and are looking very T-Rexy with their tiny arms. They have formed 2 separate flocks, but seem to get along well.

July 12th

This is our last chick cam of the season. The chicks and ducklings are too big to keep inside the brooder except at night. For this chick cam, they are walking in and out of the frame. We moved them to the big chicken coop not long after this was filmed, and now they roam around everywhere on the farm. The ducklings & chicks are completely separate flocks and rarely hang out except around common resources.

At 5-6 weeks old, most of the chicks are almost fully feathered except for the Croad Langshans who are slower to develop. At 4 weeks old, the ducklings are just starting to feather in on their tails, chests, and wings.

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