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Bringing home our first sheep

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We officially became shepherds! We got our first sheep from Cynthia Newton: about 3.5 hours away in Redmond, OR. She showed us how to clip their toenails, which she & her daughter did for us before we put them in the car for the drive home.

Brandon trying to hold Isabela

Isabela is a bit high strung and complained, loudly almost the whole way home.

Luisa & Mirabel were calmer or just more scared. Luisa participated in the complaining, but not as vigorously as Isabela.


Mirabel & Luisa

Once we got home, we set them in their temporary home, introduced the dogs and cleaned up the van. (Note to self, next time we transport animals: tarp on the floor, picnic blanket, absorbing pads, then crate without the bottom tray. )

We are officially Shepherds!

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